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Our Promise.  Grow Your Business Profitably with Peace of Mind.


Developing 300 products and shipping over 400 containers a year from China and Vietnam.

Working with Leading Global Product and Retail Brands in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Over 40 proven suppliers, for over 20 years.


Home Furniture: Home-Office, bedroom and living room furniture in MDF, Oak/Walnut/Ash Timber, Painting, Metal, Powder coated and Glass materials. 

Education -  Classroom, School and Home Teaching stationery, easels, whiteboards, marker pens, book pouches, pocket charts, other Cut and Sew, chair pockets, folders, games, plastic storage, wire and mesh storage and metal storage rack.


Sourcing, Technical, Quality, Project Management and Development and Manufacturer Management Experts, on-the-ground, in China and Vietnam.

Reliable, Risk Managed and Fast OEM, Private label and White Label Product Development solutions.


'Peace of Mind' and Responsive Account Management and Supply Chain Performance and Risk Reporting, including Development, Shipment and Quality trackers.

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